Film analysis 3 pages

Film Analysis: Watch film McFarland, USAThis assignment provides students and opportunity to critically examine a selected film (not a television series) through the lens of educational psychology. Remember to focus on responding to the key components (see below for an outline) and do your best not to summarize the film.Each student independently submits a 3-page reflection of McFarland, USA. (Disney 13+). Each page is focused on the corresponding FEAP and headed with the FEAP (Acceptance and Fostering of Diversity; Human Learning and Development, The Design of Learning Environments) Tip:  Enjoy the movie, and take notes using the Accomplished Practices as an outline (see below):(Tip: Pasting in the required components and using them as sentence starters may assist you in responding to all the components; you may also bold the first part of the sentence starters to highlight where your responses are in the assignment).(Hint: Use what you already know and learned in the previous modules related to the National Board Propositions, textbook readings, resources posted and other assignments/modules)Label Page 1: Accomplished Practice 5/Acceptance and Fostering of DiversityIdentify how the educator/coach establishes a comfortable environment that accepts and fosters diversity.How does the educator/coach demonstrate knowledge and awareness of varied cultures and linguistic background?Provide examples of how the educator/coach creates a climate of openness, inquiry, and support by practicing strategies such as acceptance, tolerance, resolution, and mediation.Label Page 2: Accomplished Practice 7/Human Learning and DevelopmentWhat does the educator/coach consider using human development/learning theories to understand students?How can ecological systems theory assist the educator/coach to have knowledge/understanding of students?What are the supports the students have or barriers?How are the student(s) impacted positively/negatively by multiple systems?What factors (family/school/values/customs) are positively and possibly negatively impacting them?How does the educator/coach use this knowledge to support students/confront barriers?  Provide specific examples.Label Page 3: Accomplished Practice 9/The Design of Learning EnvironmentsHow does the educator/coach set up or support an effective learning environment?What techniques and strategies are used that provides opportunities for student input into the processes of learning/achieving goals?How does the educator/coach use a variety of techniques and work to increase knowledge and skills for the benefit of the students?

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