Excelsior College Autosomal DNA Genetic Relatives Project

Assume that Mary and Susan share a single segment of DNA. That segment of DNA is located on chromosome 5, and is 6.59 cMs long.

  1. Based on your understanding of the matching thresholds at the three testing companies, at which company will Mary and Susan not be identified as genetic relatives? Based on the table entitled “Average autosomal DNA shared by pairs of relatives, in percentages and centiMorgans” on the ISOGG Autosomal DNA Statistics (Links to an external site.)website, what is Mary and Susan’s possible relationship?

For the remaining questions, assume Mary and Susan also share two other segments of DNA: (1) a segment of 51 cMs on chromosome 12; and (2) a segment of 19 cMs on chromosome 14.

  1. If Mary and Susan share these three segments of DNA, what is their likely possible relationship based on the same table on the ISOGG Autosomal DNA Statistics (Links to an external site.)website
  2. Now look at the Shared cM Project (Links to an external site.)results, which uses actual data. What could the relationship between Mary and Susan be, based on the data from the Shared cM Project

The 3 companies are 23andme, Ancestry DNA and Fsmily tree dna

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