EWRT1A De Anza College This Changes Everything Book Journal

This assignment covers Klein’s chapter 4, 5, and 6.

For each chapter in Klein’s book, starting with the Introduction, you will complete TWO entries in the triple entry journal.

There are three steps:

1) In column 1 of the journal, take a sentence or two from the book, exactly as it is written in the text. This is called quoting. To figure out what to quote, it’s a good idea to read the whole chapter through with a highlighter. As you read, highlight the sentences you think matter. After you finish go back through these and pick out the highlighted sentences that are the most important of these. Mark these in the margin with a star and write a comment in the margin about why you selected it, why you think it is important, what idea does it provoke. After you select the quote, type it out in the correct quoting form (MLA format). Include the page number.

2) In column 2, simply restate in your own words what the quote says. You are not just changing a few words, though. You are rewriting the quote entirely in your own words. Do not add any opinion or analysis here. Use MLA format to show that you have paraphrased the author’s ideas.

3) Once you have selected a quote and you have paraphrased it, which means you understand the quote, now you need to comment on it. This goes in column 3. You need to write why the quote matters to you? What is the quote connected to? How does it relate to your life or the world? How is it connected to the paper you are working on? What other texts that we have read in class or that you have read out of class (from another class) does it connect to?

here is an sample of the journal format.

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