Evolutionary Perspective Reflection Essay

Reflection Essay

Now that you have completed the variety of modules throughout the course and have read through the book Evolution for Everyone, you have been exposed to a broad range of topics from an evolutionary perspective. Please craft an essay reflecting on your experience and perspective on this tour through biology, touching on points you found of particular interest.

The essay should take the approach of selecting a few topics from both the modules (at least two topics/modules) and the book (select at least two chapters). Briefly;

1) Summarize the topic.

2) Include additional information on the topic that you have researched online.

· Use reputable sources (scientific literature, news outlets, academic or professional websites). Use your best judgment.

· Directly cite outside sources in the essay by including the author last name and year of publication for the document (just like the scientific reports you have been reading all semester) and make sure to include the full citation at the end of the document in a references section (also like you have seen in the scientific reports).

· APA formatting but feel free to use footnotes or any referencing style that is standard to your field of study.

· At least one outside source is required for each topic in this essay for a minimum of four in the overall document.

· Do not plagiarize!

3) Provide your background/perspective on the topic prior to learning about it in this.

4) Explain how learning about this topic changed your understanding and influenced you.

Afterward, provide your general reflection on the overall course. Some things to consider are what were your expectations coming in, did you find the material relatable? Did you find yourself discussing the course material with individuals outside of the course? Would other topics you like explored in this course?

Overall, this essay should be about five pages in length (1000-1500 words). A general blueprint would be to allocate one page to each topic, and the fifth page as the general reflection.

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