ENGL1302 Lone Star Policing Labor Supply Chains Heroes and Villains Paper

the file attached is the article that will be used.


Use a source for the research paper and write a correct MLA citation for each source

  • Create an entrie to the bibliography, at roughly 300-500 words in which you summarize your source.
  • Write a brief sentence or two in how this source will help you in your research paper
  • Rephrase the quote in 3 ways: 1. a direct quote, 2. a paraphrase, 3. a blended quote


Use the heading for an MLA paper and also create a header with your last name and page number.

Each entry is composed of 4 parts:

  • MLA citation with correct citation for the source.
  • Summary (one paragraph) under the citation
    • This is your summary of the source, but should still have a parenthetical citation
    • Make sure you use your own words – no quoting.
  • Evaluation (one to two sentences) under the summary.
    • This is where you state how the source fits your paper.
    • Make sure you point out the relevance of the source.
  • Write out a direct quotation from the source.Use that same quotation 3 ways
    • A sample direct quote for the paper, introduced, formatted, and cited correctly
    • The same quote as a sample paraphrase for the paper, introduced, formatted, and cited correctly
    • Blend the same quote with your own words and quote only a key section of the quote in quotation marks, and introduce, format, and cite correct.

(Remember to introduce each use of the quote and give each use a parenthetical citation):

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