ENG302 Phoenix Business Communication Persuasive Message

Your coworker is concerned about the new computer software that IT just installed on everyone’s office computers. She is not very familiar with the new program and has been struggling to figure it out. She wants to request a training session for those who still do not feel comfortable with the new system, but she is embarrassed to explain how much she is struggling with the software. She has written a draft of the email to your supervisor and asks you for your feedback.

Subject: Help!

I am sorry to bother you, but I am really struggling with the new computer software that was installed last week. I am not sure, but I think there are a few of us in the office for whom this has been a struggle. I really miss the old one we used. This new software is so different; I am really struggling with entering some of my data.

So, I was wondering if we could put together a training session sometime next week. We could ask IT if they would be willing to do a quick training seminar so we can make sure we are all on the same page. Maybe we could even do a follow-up session later on sometime just to check on our progress.

If you could get back to me soon, I would really appreciate it. I think this learning curve is cutting into my productivity. I really don’t want to be behind.



Write to Joanie and give her suggestions for revising her message to be an effective persuasive message.

  1. For your initial discussion post, due end-of-day Thursday, give Joanie suggestions to improve her message using the guidelines from the textbook for how to write persuasive messages. Your response, written to Joanie, should:
    1. Include at least three suggestions for improvement
    2. Reference to the appropriate content in our textbook (quote and page number)
    3. Development of you-attitude and goodwill
  1. For your response, due end-or-day Saturday, read through all posts, then respond to two different people who made different suggestions than you did—suggestions that you feel are also good. Then, in your comments to two different people:
    1. Compliment your peer on their observation
    2. Explain why you think their suggestion for improvement would be effective.

The supporting materials for this assignment include:

  • Chapter 2: “Adapting Your Message to Your Audience”
  • Chapter 3: “Building Goodwill”
  • Chapter 9: “Sharing Informative and Positive Messages with Appropriate Technology”
  • Chapter 11: “Crafting Persuasive Messages”

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