ENG125 NVCC Poem by Theodore Roethke: “my Papa’s Waltz

3.2 Post – Reader-Response Critical Theory

The purpose of this activity is to read about the Reader-Response critical theory as it relates to a Theodore Roethke poem.


  • Read the poem by Theodore Roethke:
  • Read about Reader-Response Criticism.
  • Read an essay about “My Papa’s Waltz” that is written by a teacher:
  • Write two paragraphs that:
    • Explain the two different reader responses(interpretations) generated by this poem in the teacher’s essay.
    • Provide evidence from the essay to back up each response. You may informally refer to these interpretations as coming from “the teacher” and “the students” (without quotation marks). No formal MLA 8 citation is required.
    • Indicate which one you agree with and why.
  • Post your “reply” to the discussion board

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