Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

The concept of employee engagement and well-being was introduced in the 1990s but has seen a significant increase in interest as of late. Some of this has come from research supporting the significant impact engagement and well-being can have on a variety of outcomes, ranging from productivity to safety issues to absenteeism. Find at least two recent (since 2010) peer-reviewed, scholarly research articles on employee engagement or well-being, especially in how either topic relates to the health and wellness of an employee. You may use the required readings as a starting point but the required articles should be in addition to the readings list. In your post, please do the following:

Explain the concepts of employee engagement and well-being.
How are these concepts researched in the two articles you found?
How does employee engagement or wellbeing relate to the health and wellness of employees?
What increases or decreases employee engagement or well-being in the workplace?
Why is this research area important or considered a “hot topic” in IO psychology?

Your post should be at least 300 words.

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