Emotional Intelligence a Factor that Contribute to Successful Leadership

Emotional Intelligence a Factor that Contributes to Successful Leadership

Emotional intelligence, which alludes to the skills that individuals possess that enable them to conceptualize and control their emotional expressions as well as those of the people around them positively, is one of the factors that contribute to successful leadership. It is a crucial component of effective leadership because it facilitates constructive communication (Mind Tools Content Team, 2020). It eliminates any barriers that can hinder fruitful conveyance of information, such as the use of offensive tone of voice or words. Subsequently, it helps in resolving the issues that arise in organizations adequately by enhancing rational analysis of the problem and seeking amicable solutions. Consequently, emotional intelligence improves relationships between individuals in an establishment; hence, it supports teamwork.

The behavioral traits which are associated with individuals who possess a high degree of self-awareness include the portrayal of control over their emotions (Whitney, 2020). Leaders who are highly self-aware ensure that their emotional responses do not interfere with their interaction with those around them, or their ability to make sound decisions when handling situations that arise in establishments (Whitney, 2018). Additionally, they are aware of their strong points and weaknesses and how it affects their interaction with others. For instance, short-tempered leaders who elicit high levels of self-awareness recognize their weak points and the possibility that the vulnerability will interfere with their ability to manage employees effectively and make effective decisions. Therefore, they find ways of controlling their weakness while interacting with others. According to Mind Tools Content Team (2020), leaders who have high levels of self-awareness manifest humility. For example, they refrain from letting momentary emotions to disrupt their organizational goals or their relationship with those under their command.

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Emotional Intelligence a the Factor that Contribute to Successful Leadership

Emotional Intelligence a  Factor that Contributes to Successful Leadership


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