electronic communications privacy act


TOPIC: electronic communications privacy act 1986 and employee polygraph protection act 1988

\after thoroughly researching the assigned topic prepare an outline of the highlights of what will be your presentation with at least 6 different sources with proper citations and turn this into the Professor (due date is on the calendar and also will be given to you by the Professor in class),

You will be graded on all 3 sections based on thoroughness in completing all 3 sections of the Project,, quality writing in the APA format with at least 6 proper citations, innovation in preparing and presenting your topic, business-like oral presentation of your topic as well as business-like final report to the Professor, and use of professional business-like slides for your oral presentation.

The law is the title, both two I need to write.

Hi, I am English learner, please do not write too academic. Thank you, also please give me an outline.

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