EIN4451 University of Florida LEAN Six Sigma Literature Review Report

The purpose of this assignment is to increase the student’s awareness of current trends in LEAN Six Sigma. The student will review articles from current literature (2010 and later) and compare and contrast the viewpoints of Six Sigma and LEAN in the articles. In preparing the report, the student should review at least three articles from periodicals such as Fortune, Quality Progress, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, or similar. Textbooks that cover Six Sigma and LEAN can be cited in the report but should not be counted as one of the three articles.

The student must follow the Modern Language Association (MLA) Formatting and Style Guide.

The report format should include:

  1. The cover page (student’s name, the course title, the course number, and the semester), an abstract (i.e. executive summary)
  2. The main body of the report MUST BE at least 6 pages, and
  3. The bibliography including the articles or other literature cited.

All documents should be prepared in Word and have the following format:

  • Line spacing: Double-spaced. Only lists, including Table of Contents, List of Tables and List of Figures can be single-spaced.
  • Font: Times New Roman, size 12

The report will be graded using the following weighting:

  • 10% Format as detailed above
  • 15% Grammatical correctness
  • 75% Content and organization of your report, well referenced

The report must be posted in the Literature Review Papers Assignment Folder by the time and date specified in the Semester Calendar above. Three (3) points will be deducted for each day that the report is late.

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