EEOC Case Study

Assignment ContentAccess the federal government’sEqual Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)website. Read about the laws enforced by the EEOC.Review the following case study:Company X is a rapidly growing automobile sensor-manufacturing firm headquartered in small-town Gaylesburg, Ohio. Over the last two decades, the company has progressed from a small family owned and operated company with regional prominence to a leading national firm. For over two decades, the company thrived with the support of a hometown talent pool that was 99% Caucasian; 1% African American, and 98% male; 2% female in composition. When the founder passed leadership on to his eldest son, the new CEO actualized his vision to expand the company and increase its market share. As a result, the company struggled with the development of a more culturally diverse workforce.Presently, the CEO wants to preserve the company’s family culture in the face of large-scale growth and movement into several urban hubs. The CEO understands that his management team and floor supervisors must be prepared to manage the increased cultural diversity, including acting ethically and adhering to EEOC statutes. He has charged the management team with the task of developing strategies that will preserve the corporation’s family culture in its various locations while assuring that it upholds all EEOC standards.Imagine you are an Organizational Development Consultant charged with making recommendations on a series of internal workplace policies, procedures, activities, and rituals that could positively affect organizational culture and ensure compliance with EEOC principles or something instead?. Select one of the following topics for your assignment:Racial discriminationWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper addressing the following:Discuss the EEOC’s priorities in one of the selected areas.Analyze the nature of the problem in an organization.Explain the corrosive effects of discrimination on organizational culture, including the legal, economic, and remedial consequences.Create three new activities, interventions, initiatives, or rituals the organization could undertake to fulfill the CEO’s desire for interpersonal harmony and EEOC legislative compliance.Format your paper according to APA 7th edition guidelines.Running head not needed.See attachment for template of APA 7th edition.Title and Subtitles entered.Please use attached document.Thank you in advance.

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