EDUC634 Liberty University Science Electronic Vocabulary Notebook Template

As a science teacher, it is always a good idea to stay abreast of content-related vocabulary. Additionally, it is important to be able to discern which science words students need to be able to define and which they can simply look up. For this assignment, we will select 10 science-related content words and apply a system to allow for multiple ways to learn the meaning of the word. Simply writing down a word and definition will not allow you or the students to learn the meaning of the word.

Download the provided template. Then, begin recording new science-related content words into your notebook as you read your district curriculum, or other science-related professional and/or educational books and articles. The idea is to keep a lookout for new and useful word. Select words that you or your students may need to further define to understand science content you will be teaching.

When you analyze your word lists, it is important that you get the correct meaning of a word. Don’t settle for an ambiguous definition. If you do not know the exact meaning of a word, you should not use it; get it right first.

For this assignment, think about an upcoming science unit you will be teaching and identify 10 words that you and/or your students may need to define in order to understand the content. After identifying these words, complete the chart below. Finally, be sure and use the word correctly in a sentence. That is how you tell if the kids understand the meaning of the word!

Remember that writing the words down alone will not help you; you have to analyze them if you want to make them part of your vocabulary. You should be able to use the word correctly in a sentence.

This is a good article on develop vocabulary: Marzano Vocabulary Strategies.

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