EDUC1300 Walden University Child Poverty and Social Protection Discussion

You might recall that during one of the media segments in the Foundations course, the five early childhood professionals pointed out that they consider other colleagues as indispensable resources for their professional growth. They spoke of the many benefits of conversing with other professionals on a regular basis. Professional organizations can provide important opportunities to connect with practitioners in the field. The Blog Assignment for this course provides the opportunity to explore national and international organizations and learn about effective practice in different parts of the world. The goal of this exploration is to learn global perspectives for pressing issues in the field.

This week, issues related to poverty are the focal point of your studies. Explore international resources, looking for strategies and advocacy efforts devoted to addressing poverty and creating positive social change through providing appropriate supports to children and families impacted by poverty. As an alternative, you may summarize what you learned about poverty through the podcast alternative assignment.


If you chose the podcast alternative, report what you learned from the podcast. Go to the website of the UNICEF’s page (, read about childhood poverty in one country, and share at least three insights or ideas you gained from studying the website.

By Day 6

  • Introduce your selected organization to your colleagues, or identify the podcast selected
  • Share what you have learned so far from the website or podcast
  • Describe your new insights and information about issues of poverty and opportunities for positive social change

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