EDDL626 CUPortland Reimagining the Educational Enterprise Building Framework

Building a Framework

In preparation for your group’s formal proposal (due Saturday), post your individual responses to the following points (Chalker, 1996/2006, p. 39):

  • An explanation of why and in what manner the program is an alternative to regular education. What makes this alternative education school or program different?
  • A description of the assessed need, target population, and methodology for the program development, implementation, and evaluation. Who are the people for this alternative education school or program? Is there a targeted population and if so, is there a criterion to be met? When will the alternative education school or program be implemented and when will the alternative education school or program be evaluated?
  • A discussion of how courses of instruction and days of actual student attendance will be affected.
  • A recommended length of time for program trial and evaluation of effectiveness. When will there be an additional follow up or needs assessment distributed, collected for data and results analyzed of what is working and what is not? What will be done with the results from the surveys and assessments?
  • How much funding will be required to maintain year one of the new innovative alternative education school or program? (Use Appendix F to assist with the amount of funding you will need to start the school or program.)

After you have posted your own responses, read those posted by your groupmates. Use this discussion forum as a place to decide as a group the precise components of your proposed school or program. Those decisions will be synthesized in your group’s formal proposal,.

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