Dynamics of Leadership in Healthcare

MOHA 510 NHL Competency Paper

Leadership involves a complex interplay of psychology, communication, monitoring, planning, and action-oriented behavior. Throughout this course, we have explored the dynamics of leadership in the healthcare environment. I have valued the meaningful perspectives brought by my classmates who represent diverse backgrounds. I am eager to reflect on the knowledge and experience I have gained in working toward proficiency in the National Center for Healthcare Leadership competencies.

L2 Achievement Orientation _X_ Met __ Not Met

L2.1 Wants to Do Job Well

A healthcare leader must strive for excellence in every word and every action. As discussed in the “Exceptional Leadership Paper” (Schad, 2019), a leader must constantly monitor both the internal and external environment and leverage individuals to make positive change. A leader must lead with conviction and drive results. In the ever-evolving healthcare realm, a great leader is never complacent.

In my role as faculty, I have committed to providing students with a high-quality education through the courses I teach. I enrolled in the Master of Healthcare Administration program to be the best Optometric Practice Management Educator that I can be. As an eye care provider, I strive for exceptional, evidence-based care and attend quality continuing education to do the job well. As a future leader, I commit to doing the job to the absolute best of my ability.

L2.2 Creates Own Measure of Excellence

A healthcare leader creates a vision of the future for the organization they serve. This vision drives the actions and decisions that are made by a leader. This vision serves as a personal measure of excellence. A leader must constantly compare where the organization is currently, with where it needs to be in the future. As covered in the “Exceptional Leadership Paper” (Schad, 2019), a health care leader must look for the most effective, efficient, and efficacious means for delivering healthcare. A leader may use industry benchmarks, but ultimately, measures of excellence must be created specifically for the organization.


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