Drawing and Painting Essay

Required Reading

Prebles’ Artforms Chapters 6 and 7

Written Essays (25 points)

The paper should be double-spaced and font size 11 – 12 point. Length of the paper should be 2.5 to 3 pages. Be sure to edit, proof-read and correct spelling errors. Use bullets and number each essay to organize the content of your paper so it is easy to read. Save as a file and upload onto Blackboard.

1. Explain the three purposes of drawing and provide one example for each of the purposes. Include the figure number, page number, title of the work, and the artist’s name. Explain how your selections illustrate the purposes. 9 points

2. List six drawing media and describe their characteristics. 6 points

3. List six painting media and describe their characteristics. 6 points

4. What is the meaning of drawing that is “receptive” and drawing that is “ projective?” 3 points

5. Why is it beneficial to learn to draw accurately from observation? 1 points

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