dominant weather patterns thesis

Terrestrial Biomes

This week we focus on the biomes… where are they? What drives them? How are they categorized?

For the discussion, identify the terrestrial biomes you live within (or, if you prefer, you may select another biome of interest). Identify the dominant weather patterns (e.g., annual precipitation, altitude, temperature ranges). Identify the dominant flora and fauna, using common and scientific names, and explain how they are part of the biome. Find a picture of the biome showing major wildlife, major landforms, or its distribution and embed it in the forum. What can you tell us about this biome? Integrate ecology terms in your discussion. Be sure to pen a unique and catchy title to identify the content of your thread.

In your comment – what can you add to the discussion? Is this other biome found adjacent to yours? Can you compare and contrast the biomes presented? Is there something unique or interesting you can share? Be sure you present value-added comments

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