In Chapter 8 of the webtext, you’ll readDemystifying Decision-Making, an article by Maud Purcell (2016) that offers four steps in the decision making process:Clearly define the problemBrainstorm possible choicesList the pros and cons of each choiceEngage your feelings as well as your intellectIn this discussion, we want you to engage in the decision making process as it relates to earning your degree. In your post, focus on step 1 (clearly defining the problem) and step 2 (brainstorm possible choices) of the decision making process.Answer these questions in your discussion post:What problem will earning your degree solve?Brainstorm three things that you can do today to start to prepare yourself for your future goals.For example, maybe you are earning your degree at Strayer to change your career from retail to accounting. The problem that you are working to solve is how to gain the knowledge, skills, and credentials that will allow you to get a job as an entry-level accountant.Similarly, three things that you can do today to help with your goal might be:Create a profile on LinkedInNetwork with accounting firms in my area to find out what they look for in new hiresResearch and join a professional association for accountingIf you need help brainstorming activities, check out our Career Services through iCampus.To receive full credit, remember to write 2 posts in the discussion: one original and a response to another student. Your original should be at least 7 sentences, and your reply should be 4 sentences.

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