Discussion: Trends in Addiction Treatment

Discussion: Trends in Addiction TreatmentHelping professionals entering the addiction profession are doing so on the cusp of a new era. Significant changes are taking place in treatment approaches, technology, funding, public policy, and perceptions of addiction and recovery.Underlying these trends is the emergence of a paradigm shift in the way addiction and recovery are perceived. The new paradigm grasps the chronic nature of addiction. It uses long-term approaches that address all areas of one’s life with the goal of improving the quality of life throughout the lifespan. As a helping professional, you should stay abreast of trends in addiction treatment and understand how they impact your profession.For this Discussion, research and find two articles from academic journals that discuss future trends in the treatment of addictions.Post a brief description of two current and two future trends that you found in your research in the treatment of addiction. Explain what impact these trends may have on the field of addiction treatment and social change. Support your response using the resources and the current literature.

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