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Consider the following situation: A teacher in a new elementary school struggles with whether or not a family’s disciplinary choices constitute abuse. In addition to bruises the child tries to hide, the 6 year old student often reports being alone for several hours in the afternoons. Furthermore, the teacher fears that involving CPS may actually cause more stress in the child’s life.After considering the above scenario, go to your Discussion Board Forum and post a thread of at least 300 words in response to these questions:What state laws and guidelines should the teacher be considering in this case? Use your home state as a reference.Does the teacher have an obligation to report concerns? Why or why not?If the teacher chooses not to file a report, what are the potential short and long term consequences in the life of the child?An excellent initial thread will address all prompts using support from course material, state resources, and scripture. After posting an initial thread, reply with your own respectful replies to help your peers think through all aspects of their particular arguments/points.Were there ideas from the course material which would add a further information to the decision process?Was your recommendation the same or different from your peer?Do the specific guidelines of your particular state give you a different perspective on the chosen issue?

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