Dicsussion – Refelction on Social Media and Marketing

Reread one of the articles from Module One: A Brand for Everyone: Guidelines for Personal Brand Managing. Then, answer the following questions: How do you plan to use digital and social media to develop your personal brand? What will you do to reach your personal goals? What have you learned in this course that you hope to apply to your career as you move forward? Share any resources (like these 41 free resources) that you have come across that might be helpful for emerging professionals, and explain how the resources may be applied. More specific examples include WordPress, SurveyMonkey, and MailChimp. (This is due Wednesday 06/27)

When responding to your peers, discuss additional strategies or ideas that can be applied to help your classmates continue to enhance their personal brand. What impact does change have on personal brands? What can you and your peers do to prepare for this change in the future? Share any additional resources that may be helpful for emerging professionals, and explain how these resources may be applied. Share your thoughts.

Peer questions will not be due until Friday 06/29 and I will have the posts to reply to.

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