CRJ I just need fixing on my paper about community policing and hot spot policing etc. and it’s effectiveness. with an abstract and conclusion. APA style paper already half done.

. Within your paper:

  1. Evaluate each of your three policies. In doing this, you should include outside research and your knowledge gained throughout the course. Think critically about each policy. Has this policy been implemented before? Is there evidence supporting this policy? Are their unforeseen negative consequences associated with a policy? What are the strengths of the policy? For each policy- provide a clear conclusion as to whether you continue to advise the mayor to implement this policy.
  2. Provide the mayor with one additional evidence-based policy to improve crime-control within the city. This policy must be one that you did not address in your original assignment. but you now believe is an effective policy for crime control. Provide outside evidence which supports your policy choice.

I already wrote the paper and need improvements and more information. The first policy is hot spot policing


Community policing


DNA forensics


Precision policing (or anything you think might be better)

Need an abstract, introduction (with thesis) and conclusion

  • Your assignment should include 5-7 research citations. The textbook and Wikipedia do not count as research sources. Google Scholar is a good place to start your research ( Often, article PDFs are provided next to the link. In addition, note that under the article there are blue options: “cited by, related articles, all versions, cite, save, and more.” These are useful tools. Specifically, the “cite” option provides an APA citation which can be helpful when making your reference list (but make sure to check this citation!). In addition, the ASU library has many resources to help you find research sources (
  • Your assignment should be 3-5 pages long. The page requirement is for actual content, meaning your own writing. A cover page and/or your research references ARE NOT counted towards your page requirement
  • Your paper is expected to be typed in 12 point – Times New Roman font. Further, your paper should have 1-inch margins, be double spaced, and submitted as a Microsoft Word document.
  • Demonstrate skills in writing, organization and presentation. You must show that you understand the issue, understanding of the process and procedures, and are able to clearly articulate an evidence-based argument.

I attached the paper

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