Counseling Young Adult with Autism, who are high functioning- Cultural Immersion Paper

Assignment InstructionsCultural Immersion Paper Subject: Counseling Young Adults with Autism, who are high functioningUse textbooks, class materials, outside sources, and use APA format (Note: first person expression is expected). Reflect on your experiences and your prior preconceived ideas. Which of those preconceived ideas are now open to re-interpretation and why? What have you learned about yourself and “them” now that the immersion is over?This 8 – 10 page paper will be a culmination of all you have learned in your cultural immersion experience, as well as classroom learning. Be sure to include the following headings and sections in your final paper and presentation upload:Identification and Description of the Population (1- 2 pages long. Include credible research and citations to support your writing).Reflection of your Virtual/Hybrid Immersion/Research Experience (what did you observe/perceive, how were your pre-conceived ideas changed, what surprised you, what is different from your personal culture? (1 – 2 pages).Reaction and critical analysis of the culture (include research on culture, values, beliefs and behaviors and compare to your observations/perceptions). (2 -3 pages).Additional documents in the appendix: Include any pictures, quotes, symbols, links to videos or music.THESE QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ADDED IN THE PAPER1. Research what can be done to include them in the workplace2. What can parents, local and state government can do to support the individuals and the future employers?3. What can be done to change people perception of people with Autism

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