constitutes of personal equipment



“Lab 1 Introduction to Science BIO250L”

Student Name: n Access Code (located on the underside of the lid of your lab kit): AC-MER1D2I

“Pre-Lab Questions”

1. What constitutes personal protective equipment? When should personal protective equipment

be worn? Why is personal protective equipment important?

Personal protective equipment would be considered things such as gloves table covering

safety glasses face mask. Personal protective equipment should be worn before labs start

during labs and while cleaning up labs. Personal protective equipment is important because it

protects you from hazardous chemicals that may splatter or spill or tried to contaminate you.

they also reduce the risk of injuries and illness from chemicals.

2. Why are there increasing levels of biological containment procedures? What level of biological

containment will be necessary to complete the experiments in this manual?

There is an increasing in safety procedures because safety needs to be highly valued and we

are always discoving new ways that these chemiclas could having lasting effect on the

environment and people. To clean up after labs we are to use bleach and parafilm. BSL-1

3. What document should you refer to if you have questions regarding the safety or disposal of a

chemical? Where can this document be located?

Material safety data sheets on the escience lab website is available for reference when there

are questions about the safety or disposal of a chemical.

4. List five safety procedures that should always be adhered to when working with microorganisms.

a. Always wash hands before and after an experiment

b. don’t eat drink or chew gum while performing an experiment

c. have a workspace that is clear of any food or drink

d. wear personal protective equipment

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