Conference Management Event Planning Project

Staffing is a very important part of event management and crucial to the smooth running of an event. Many staffed events may have a high concentration of volunteers as well as employees. Both the volunteers and the employees need to understand their reporting procedures and have clear job descriptions and training to prepare them for their event roles. Working together as a team is the most critical part to successful event management.

For this Group Project, you and your group members will work together to create a complete staffing plan including the following:

  • Create a list identifying and defining the several needed positions and responsibilities for the event.
  • Create an organizational chart identifying who reports to whom that also ensures all activities are covered with management supervision and direction.
  • Create a time line showing when each staff member will be completing his or her job role on event day.
  • Explain the service that each department will provide.
  • Describe the training procedures that will be used to prepare your staff and how they will ensure quality service.
  • Create a generic staffing policy for volunteers for your event.
  • Explain how and when the volunteers will be trained.
  • Identify performance procedures for customer service.
  • Prepare a code of conduct policy.
  • Discuss how staff will handle safety procedures, incident reporting, or emergency situations.

Compile all elements of this Group Project into 1 document in proper APA format. The final compiled staffing plan must incorporate at least 5 outside sources with proper APA citations. Please cite your resources for any organizational chart templates or information used for this Group Project.

Your assignment should be between 1,500–1,800 words, double-spaced, in 12-pt. Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins. There should be limited spelling and grammatical errors.

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