Conditions Causing Gram-Positive Bacteria

  1. For this discussion, you will work through the Scientific Method.
  2. Think of a question related to microbiology that you could study. Clearly write your research question as the first line  of your post. Even if you are doing a video, infographic, or other post  type, this should be written in the first line of your post.
  3. Read  at least 2 scientific sources about your topic to help you learn more  about what has already been done to test your research question and what  might happen to help you write a hypothesis. Provide a short 3-4  sentence summary about what you read, and be sure to reference your  sources (include links to the URLs)
  4. Identify your hypothesis and write it out in your discussion according to the hypothesis format: If (this independent variable), then (this dependent variable is expected)
  5. Develop  your own simple experiment or outline an experiment from your reading  that you would like to repeat. Remember that this should be very  specific, like a recipe that can be performed or repeated by others.
  6. Describe how you would collect and analyze your data to determine if the data support or refute your hypothesis.
  7. Discuss  what you would do after your experiment (since you will not actually be  doing it for this course), to demonstrate the remaining steps of the  scientific method.

How your post should look:

  • Research question: What is the research question that is related to microbiology?
  • Summary and resources: Write 3-4 sentences about your topic and include links the at least 2 sources you read
  • HypothesisIf (whatever is being tested), then (whatever is the expected result)
  • Experiment: Write a step-by-step procedure, including materials and quantities that others could repeat
  • Data Collection and Analysis: Specify how you would collect and interpret your data
  • DiscussionWhat would you do next?

Make certain that your post is well-written, grammatically correct, and provides the bullet points listed.

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