Comprehensive Assessment Part One: Competency Matrix

Directions:To complete Part One of the DNP Comprehensive Assessment:Use the “Comprehensive Assessment Part One: Competency Matrix” to collect evidence from your completed program coursework to demonstrate how you have met selected competencies of the DNP program. Coursework to review includes:Programmatic Coursework:Reflective JournalsCase ReportsScholarly Activities (DNP 810, DNP-820, DNP-830, and DNP-840)10 Strategic Points (DNP-820)DPI Project Draft Prospectus (DNP-830)Literature Review (DNP-830)Course-based assignments from prior courses (DNP-805 through DNP-840) eligible for Practice Immersion Hours.As you complete the matrix, be sure to select key, specific evidence from your coursework and briefly summarize (no more than 1-2 sentences) how selected assignments demonstrate your achievement of program competencies. As you review your work, take time to review your instructor feedback regarding areas that may have been weak or lacking, or where points were not fully addressed or supported in your submission.

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