Complete the outline


  1. During the recorded in class discussion/quiz student started breaking down the 1st main topic (Cost of each type on start up vs. traditional power option). For this quiz you will do the same for one of the energy options listed under main topic 2 (Effectiveness of Power Generation). Please copy and past this outline into your answer and continue to break one of the energy sources down into smaller sub topics until you feel that you have hit a level where the subtopic only contains information that would comprise a single paragraph if this was being used to write a paper. I have highlighted in purple the example that was done in the class.
    Alternative Energy Options

    • Cost of each type on start up Vs. Traditional Power Option
      • Solar
        • Equipment
          • Material types
            • Cost of material vs power out put
              • $/kw
            • Break down cost more…
            • Environmental effects
              • Equipment life vs environmental impact
                • Discuss if materials can be recycled or if they fill a land fill
              • Air quality output
        • Site planning
          • Physical foot print of plant
            • How it affects habitat
        • Surveying
        • Construction
      • Wind
      • Hydro
      • Coal
      • Nat Gas
      • Petrol
    • Effectiveness of Power Generation
      • Solar
        • Kw
      • Wind
      • Hydro
      • Coal
      • Nat gas
      • Petrol
    • Local Environmental Effects of Alt vs Traditional

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