Complete Short Discussions


Share your thoughts about marketing research from two perspectives: (a) As a consumer, which research method do you find welcoming (meaning that you would not mind participating in the study as a consumer)? Will the right incentive lure you into a study? (b) As a marketing professional, which research method would you prefer to utilize?


What is your opinion on culling? Is there a time that it is appropriate? Culling is the process of segregating organisms from a group according to desired or undesired characteristics. Humans usually cull by killing individuals of a species population.


Darwinian evolution means that the gene pool is changed. Do you think the human race is continuing to evolve in a Darwinian, genetic sense? Are the genes of our species changing? Do not just write “yes” or “no,” but explain why you think so. In addition, include in your explanation of how the mechanisms of evolution, such as natural selection, would or would not be at play.


please select one of the items or issues from the bulleted list and provide a substantive main post after you have drafted it, used spell and grammar check and verified its content.

  • Please discuss the difference between homicide and justifiable homicide
  • Please discuss non-felonious homicide versus manslaughter
  • Please contrast algor mortis and rigor mortis
  • Please discuss and differentiate serial, mass, and spree murder

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