Complete Business Internship Course Assignment NO PLAGIARISM

By now, you should have read Chapters 7-9 in your textbook. Turn to Page 118: A Classic E-Mail Case Study.

PART I: Read the memo that was directed at the managers: “Dear Managers.” In 100 to 150 words, discuss what is wrong with the memo. How do you think most of the recipients would react?

PART II: Read all 18 of the best e-mail practices. Then, list five that you haven’t used in the past but will begin practicing immediately–whether at work, at home, or on your mobile device.

Assignment Expectations and Grading Criteria

Save your file in a single MICROSOFT Word file. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your intended attachment should be saved with a .doc or .docx suffix. If I am unable to open it, then I will be unable to grade it, and you will receive a zero. Include your name, the Assignment Number, Module, and QUESTIONS (if applicable)–followed by the ANSWERS–in your document.

You should utilize 1″ top, bottom, left, and right margins, 12 pt-font, Times New Roman. Be certain to run Spell Check prior to attaching the document.

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