Compensation for people of different genders

1. Please write a short reflection paper (2-3 solid and thoughtful double-spaced pages, or 500-750 words) describing your participation in the course. Note how much and how often you contributed an explanation of how you added value to the course and your thoughts on your participation in general. If you struggled with any aspect of participating, this would be a great time to discuss your challenges and accomplishments.

2. Length: 2-3 pages (500-750 words), well-edited for grammar and spelling.

Topic: Please describe a job you either have now or have had in the past. Then, write a brief ethnography about how gender works (or worked) at the job. Some ideas for direction are as follows: Who did which tasks? Who made up the workforce? How much did people get paid and was there a difference between compensation for people of different genders? Who was in charge? Did workers talk about gender on the job? What types of actions did they take? Was gender tension present? If so, did it upset people?

Any aspect of the job that relates to gender is fair game – essentially, your task is to describe this work in detail through the gendered lens. Should you wish to intersect it with race/ethnicity, class, or sexuality, you are welcome to do so!

This paper does not need a formal thesis but should have a clear introduction in which you outline your intent and direction with the assignment.

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