common characteristics of CAM


Write a 3- to 4-page paper (double spaced, APA format in style and references) evaluating ways CAM practices studied so far could be useful in your own life. Address the following points in your paper.

  • Include an introduction describing common characteristics of CAM, its underlying principles, and its main differences from Western medicine.
  • Support ideas throughout the paper by making reference to the assigned readings and/or other credible sources with proper APA citations.
  • Describe at least two (2) CAM practices you are interested in using personally and explain why.
  • Describe at least two (2) CAM practices you are least interested in using personally and explain why.
  • Discuss any psychological, social, economic or other barriers you face in adding CAM practices to your life.
  • Discuss how your culture has influenced your health behaviors. How does your culture influence your interest in using CAM practices?
  • Create a plan to incorporate CAM practices to meet your wellness goals and improve (or maintain) your health and wellness.
  • Explain how your plan supports your ability to meet wellness goals.
  • Discuss at least two (2) peer-reviewed research studies that provide evidence supporting the scientific validity of your plan.
  • Provide a summarizing conclusion that reviews the role of CAM in health and wellness generally as well as its applicability to your wellness goals.

Be sure to include specific examples from the course readings to support your points and to cite in the proper APA style. You must include cited information from two (2) peer-reviewed articles found in the Library to support and validate the ideas and information shared in your paper.

For APA guidelines, refer to the following sections in the Writing Resources:

  • An Introduction to APA Citation
  • Sample APA Citations
  • APA Manuscript Style

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