COMMON ASSIGNMENTThis assignment will require students to demonstrate their ability to practice from a nonjudgmental stance with individuals, families, groups, and communities in addressing both personal and professional boundaries. Required reading for this assignment is Chapter 5 in the Social Work Skills Workbook (Cournoyer, 8th edition).1. Answer 3 questions based on the required reading and the scenario below related to practicing from a non-judgmental approach. (3 pages)Imagine that you serve as a supervisor in a nonsectarian social services agency that provides social and counseling services to families and children of all kinds and compositions. One of the professionals you supervise is a relatively young social worker who has worked in the agency for just a few weeks. During one of your early supervisory meetings, you begin to discuss a case that you plan to assign to her. The case involves a lesbian couple who recently migrated to your community. They want professional help to accomplish two goals: First, they want to get married. They want to know if gay marriage is legal in this state and, if it is not, how and where they can go to become legally married couple. Second, they hope to have a child – preferably through artificial insemination or,if that fails, through adoption. They would like help in discussing these issues and making plans to accomplish these goals. As you describe the case, the young social worker says, “I’m sorry, I am a religious person who believes that homosexuality is a sin and gay marriage is simply wrong.”Questions:As the young social worker’s supervisor,a) What would you identify as the ethical issues in this situation?b) What would you advise her to consider?c) What would you suggest that she do?For parts 2) and 4), please incorporate other relevant, outside readings to the responses.2. Provide a critique on the Common Assignment conversation. (CONVERSTION IS ATTACHED)the demonstration of skills (or lack of skills) of practicing from a non-judgmentalapproach. (3-4 pages)a) Critique the beginning of the session on how the social worker began the session.b) Critique how the social worker handled the discussion of confidentiality.c) Find five places in the video where the social worker is not practicing from a nonjudgmentalapproach.Please incorporate a minimum of 5 outside references in your critique. APA format must be followed.

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