Columbus State Community College the Global Environment and Public Health

Based on the week’s readings, make an argument for or against one of the following questions: Please make sure to support your argument with an example to explain your position. Here is the rubric for this assignment IHS 2215_Student Argument Rubric_II.pdf

  1. A health provider’s learning through reading or writing narratives influences their work in providing health care.
  2. A health provider should spend as much time (more than 15 minutes) with a patient to listen to their issues in greater detail.
  3. Narrative medicine has an effect on the sick, or people with health issues
  • Select and respond to one of the one of the three questions above.
  • Provide a brief summary of your argument. State whether you agree or disagree.
  • Provide your reasons for why you agree or disagree. Include ideas that persuade your reader to agree or disagree with your argument.
  • You should have at least 3 main points to discuss.
  • Argue your points reasonably; clearly and in logical chronological order when moving from one idea to the next ensure that you exhaust your first point.
  • For this assignment:
  • Provide examples to support your response; these can be facts or excerpts from readings provided or from other sources.
  • The minimum word count for this assignment is 400, you are welcome to write more.
  • The minimum number of references for this and all assignments in this course is 2 (two).
  • Cite your source whenever you include information that is not your own even if you are paraphrasing what you have read.
  • For all the assignments, you are expected to use the American Psychological Association (APA) format of both in text citation and referencing
  • (you can find more information on citation and referencing by clicking on this link:

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