CMGT433 University of Phoenix Security Proposal

Compile a 3- to 4-page proposal that addresses solutions for the issues presented and includes: (90-points)

  1. Reasons for why a security audit is necessary with your recommendations for conducting such an audit:
  2. Potential costs (personnel, finances, etc.)
  3. Proposed audit timeline
  4. Two recommend methodologies
  5. A RACI chart that identifies: (45-points)
  6. the roles and responsibilities for the organization’s staff regarding security, and
  7. expectations for a) business units, b) IT staff, c) executive staff, d) sales, and e) support staff.
  8. Note: This chart may be embedded in your proposal as a table or spreadsheet file, or attached as a separate document.
  9. Answers to concern about Dayton Soft Products’ overall communications (45-points)
  10. Three recommendations for securing the web communications—especially addressing internal needs and the growing global needs

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