chosen social psychology concept

After reading Chapter 11 in the textbook, reviewing the contnet in Unit 12 and further researching the topic, post a two-paragraph response to the following: 

  • In your first paragraph, explain and describe one or two of the social psychology concepts that you learned about in this unit. You may decide to choose from the following:
    • Self-fulfilling prophecy
    • Groupthink
    • Correspondence bias
    • Reciprocal altruism
    • Cognitive dissonance
    • Social loafing
    • Conformity
  • In your second paragraph, describe a scene or character(s) from a movie, TV show, or book that demonstrates your chosen social psychology concept. Be sure to give some background of the story and/or character, and specifically explain how this scene or character is an example of your chosen social psychology concept.
  • NOTE: In the Subject of your post, be sure to identify the concept and the movie/TV show/book (example: Cognitive Dissonance in “The Walking Dead”)

Discussion topic posts should be two paragraphs in length (four to five sentences in length for each paragraph).

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