Child psychology assignment

InstructionsFor this assignment, you will design a toy appropriate for an infant. The toy must help develop a certain skill needed in infants. With your knowledge of child psychology and infant development, you are the ideal person to create this toy!You will create a model of the toy (remember that most infant toys are not electronic toys because they focus on fine/gross motor skills). Your model of the toy can be hand-drawn (you can take a picture or scan in a copy of the drawing), drawn or created on the computer, or modeled in some other way (again, anything created off the computer would just need a picture showing the model).Next, you will create an advertisement promoting your toy and tell why parents should buy this toy for their infant. You’ll want to promote the positive benefits it will have on their infant’s development and/or skills. Please be creative!Here is what you will be submitting for this assignment:1.Specs Sheet (include the following information) – 5 pts.What skills will the toy help develop?Safety hazards and/or featuresSize specificsWhat colors and/or sizes it comes in?What it does or how are the infants to play with it?2.Sample drawing/model of toy with product name – 5 pts.3.One page flyer for advertisement with price (Creative and colorful) – 10 pts.Note: You can attach a picture or sample of the model separately, but I would prefer if you included the picture or sample within your advertisement.*NO PLAGIARIZING*

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