Cell Biology Assinment Thesis

Cell Biology – Article Assignment #3


PRIMARY LITERATURE ARTICLE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT CAN BE FOUND AT: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7260975/



A. READ THE ARTICLE ASSIGNED. (See the link above)

B. Your answers do not have to belong. For some questions, a sentence may be enough to answer the question. Please limit your answers to a maximum of five sentences per question.

C. Answer all parts of the question for full credit. Only answer the question that is asked.

D. For many (but not all) questions, you may wish to go online or find information in a book. If you use a source, but you do not cite a source, you will not get any credit for your answer. If you use your textbook, then state “from the text”. If you use your lecture notes, then state “from the lecture”. If you use a website, then give me the website after your answer.

E. Use your own words or rephrase the ideas from your source into your own words. I’m interested in whether you understand the material enough to restate it.

F. Plagiarism (copying from a reference) will get you a zero on the entire assignment. Plagiarism is defined here as having 5 or more words in a row directly from a source without using quotation marks.


1. Using your own words, answer these questions about Primary Literature.

1a. What is “primary scientific literature”? ANSWER

1b. Who earns their name as “first author” on an article? (Use the search term “authorship order”) ANSWER

1c. What is a “principal investigator” (P.I.) in a scientific lab? ANSWER

1d. Where in the list of authors does the P.I.’s name get placed? ANSWER



2. The article describes the Spike Protein PPC in detail.

2a. According to the article, what is a “PPC site”? ANSWER

2b. What is the amino acid sequence of the PPC site for SARS-CoV-2? ANSWER

2c. Is the PPC site of SARS-CoV-2 similar to the PPC site of other similar viruses? Be specific about differences in amino acid sequence. ANSWER



3. The article describes the Spike Protein RBD in detail.

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