Causal Friday writing

Apply the concepts of clear, complete writing using aspects of the Paramedic Method and content organization to this assignment. Post in the Assignment Folder. Consider if your writing should be direct or indirect and whether to the point writing is best or does it need finesse, decide if you need to cover every concern or keep a few to yourself, should you use a chart, bullet points, or other mechanics. You have been asked to provide recommendations. Be creative in your recommendations. This example actually happened in a company I worked for. Add a subject line and be sure it can easily be found in a busy CEO’s in-box. Careful with the word morale I have received a number of assignments with moral instead. I will take off for this mistake or any other spelling/grammar errors. Please keep it to no more than a page, candidly a C-Level executive will not read more than a couple of paragraphs. This is a business email- so single spaced and ragged right( which means the right side of the document should not all line up it should not be center justified) with double spacing between paragraphs, 10-12 font in any san serif font choice.(Times Roman, Verdana, Calibri, Ariel, Tahoma). Be sure to include YOUR recommendations.

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