Catholic social Perspective of Justice

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Catholic social thought in our approach to justice issues today helps us know how we can apply the governs that have been put for us, for the struggle of social justice, for the right of every people working in the society and living. We can utilize the catholic social thought to social justice by practicing upholding the dignity of each person as an equally valuable fragment of the human family.

This is because Catholic social justice teaches us that all people are made in the image of God, and it means that we are all equal and worth the same value. This shows that every person if the employees should be treated in a just way. When they are at work and at the time of being given their wage, they should be given the amount they need. This action shows fairness.

The justices teach that we should all embrace our right and responsibilities to participate with others in public life. It shows that each person has the right to a political view that will help develop the economy. When this action is done, it will show that there is the practice of human dignity and choice of doing anything you want but following the law. Human solidarity is another principle that the catholic emphasizes that people should follow since seeing inequality, even the poor and oppressed.

This is done by helping them by common good that allows people to as an individual to reach their fulfillment of the living life. We can deal with justice issues if we see ourselves as interdependent with other earthly things that God created. This means that we ought to care for each other and everything on earth. The catholic social justices teach us that every person has a human right that provides human dignity.

A Jesuit education is one grounded in the presence of God. This is when an individual is educated about mind, body, and soul to create a more just, humane, and sustainable world through the individual’s perspective. The Jesuit can also be known as the society of Jesus since it is like a network that teaches people the laws of the bible. This practice makes the world a better place, and it can only be acquired through people working together without judging others.

The catholic beliefs and spiritual approach to society suggest that we are all equal, and we should strive to help everyone, be in a good state of life. They also teach that we should recognize that we are all dependent on each other, including other God’s creation, and as we are practicing this, we will live in harmony and peace.

Jesuit education also talks about people being equal and offers knowledge of love for church and sacrament as opportunities to encounter Christ. Just like catholic Jesuit gives individuals the opportunity to study because it gives out scholarships for education and starting of life, which shows that they are following the duties given out by the scriptures in the bible.

The need to form the catholic church’s policies came because of how humans’ attitudes were different from the policies put in the society. The practices placed by the catholic beliefs will propel Jesuit education since the catholic church believes that anyone interested in knowing God can have a relationship with him. So, to achieve all this, Jesuit education is the best way since it plays an essential role in the counter-reformation because it reached many people.

This means just like the rules that the government has come up with. The catholic and Jesuit educations are also the cornerstone of the way of living in a society.

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