Case Study 3

Write a paper answering the 6 questions at the end of Case Study #51 in the textbook (I have attached the case study). The answers to the Case Study must be 3–5 pages and completed in current APA formatting. Your response must be written in essay form, including an introduction, body, and conclusion. Your Case Study response must be supported by at least 2 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. These sources must have been published within the last 5 years. Make each question as section headers.


  1. Describe the nature and causes of the problem faced by Harold Sweeney.
  2. What additional questions should Sweeney ask or what additional information is needed before proceeding toward a solution to this problem? Why?
  3. What are the individual and organizational benefits of a formalized career development system?
  4. If Sweeney decides to develop a formalized career development system at Electronic Applications, what components or types of services should be offered? Why?
  5. Should the career development activities be integrated with other human resource management activities? If yes, which ones? Why?
  6. What criteria should Sweeney consider to evaluate good candidates for promotion? What criteria could be used to evaluate the performance of supervisors in development of their subordinates?

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