C++ Operating Systems project

Hello, this is a C++ OS project that we have, the .doc file explaining what you should do exactly is attached, as you will see in there, there’s a skeleton (sample.zip file also attached) and in that sample file/Skeleton there are some TODO comments that tell you what you should do/write. Make sure to fill in the TODOs and add comments explaining what you did.

Please note: by default the skeleton programs will give you errors when you run them. This is because they are accessing unallocated, unattached regions of shared memory. It’s your job to fill in the appropriate functionality in the skeleton, de-noted by the TODO comments, in order to make the programs work,

“The skeleton codes for sender and receiver are attached. The files are as follows:

sender.cpp: the skeleton code for the sender (see the TODO: comments in order to find out what to fill in)

recv.cpp: the skeleton code for the receiver (see the TODO: comments in order to find out what to fill in).

msg.h: the header file used by both the sender and the receiver “

This assignment MUST be completed using C++ on Linux.

Write a README file (text file, do not submit a .doc file) which contains

The programming language you used (i.e. C or C++).

How to execute your program.

Anything special about your submission that we should take note of.

Grading for this assignment:

Design of your program: 10’

(1) Write in a document called “Design of Sender and Receiver”.

(2) Resource for Design Part:



Program compiles: 5’

Correct use of message queues: 25’

Correct use of shared memory: 25’

Program deallocates shared memory and message queues after exiting: 10’

Correct file transfer: 5’

Correct signal handling: 5’

All system calls are error-checked: 5’

README file: 10’

(1) List your team members’ Names, Section Numbers, and Emails

(2) How to run your program (platform, commands in each step and a screenshot of one testing)

(3) How did your team collaborate on your projects? Illustrate each member’s contribution.

Everything needed is attached!

please read the .docx carefully and fill in the TODOs in the Sample file programs where it says “TODO: and tells you what to do.”


most of the work is already done just fill the gaps the starter code 🙂

it really shouldn’t take long.

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