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question see attach


Homework#1 – complete Exercises 1 & 2 on pg. 70, Ch. 2. You may use the typed brainstormed list attached there (Ex. 1)–just cross out what’s duplicated or redundant; then see page 2 for the format for Ex. 2, which would just be an outline for a report to your boss. Be sure to read the complete instructions on pg.70. 


Note: The brainstormed list (Ex. 1) would be similar to a group of people all giving their ideas on a topic. Nothing is considered wrong, but when all the concepts are put together, obvious duplicates show up, things can be combined, etc. You’ll be doing that with the first part.


When you do the outline (Ex. 2), be sure to include the important parts of the list in preparation for your report to your boss. This, to me, is one of the most pertinent, so be sure to include it somewhere:         Savings per employee add up to $6,150 per year


more detial see attach ( including format andexample)


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