Biology and American Government Discussion

BIOLOGY 100 word minimum

1) Discuss how these issues affect other environmental issues such as soil loss, effects of fertilizer on aquatic ecosystems, bioaccumulation of pesticides, etc. What possible solutions are there?

  • Problems with mechanized monoculture agriculture include:
  • Large tracts of bare land increases soil erosion.
  • The planting of genetically identical seeds results in the loss of genetic diversity.
  • Little genetic differentiation often leads to increased pesticide use.
  • No crop rotation depletes soil nutrients, increasing fertilizer use.
  • Fossil fuel energy use has replaced human muscle power.

AMERICAN GOVERNMENT 100 word minimum

2) What are public policies? How is education affected by public policy? What are some of the interests that dominate education policy? What are their motivations? What affect do they have on your experience as a college student? Be sure to cite references as required.


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