Berkeley Adult School Impact on Trauma on Children and Families Paper

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She arising issue concerning counselors is whether counselors understand and aware on legal and ethical issues of confidentiality amongst them (Bokhari, M., Saadan 2014). Counselors should understand and practice ethical confidentiality because clients in distress are easy to be manipulated. Privacy is the constitutional right of individuals to choose for themselves whether or when to reveal private information (Bennett, Bruce 2006). Privileged communication refers to a limited right to withhold information from a court. Within the United States the first privileged communication law was developed to ensure that clients would be able to share all relevant information with their attorneys without fear that the attorneys could later be required to testify against them in court (Bennett, Bruce 2006). Confidentiality with minors varies from state to state.

Confidentiality is the duty imposed on professionals to keep information disclosed in professional relationship in confidence (Bennett, Bruce). Duty to warn refers the responsibility of a counselor or therapist to inform third partied or authorizes if a client poses a threat to himself or herself or another identifiable individual. Duty to protect is the responsibility of a mental health professional to protect patients and others from foreseeable harm. The most important aspect as it relates to confidentiality pertaining to my profession is to remember that kids in foster care have a right to their confidentiality and espousing them to social media without their legal guarding permission is against the law.

I discuss with Brenda my colleague in training the reason why I had to break confidentiality pertaining to my client Susan whom was suicidal. Susan express to me that she was having suicidal thoughts on a regular basis, she was also having some problems with her marriage. In addition, Susan, found out that her husband was cheating with two side chicks. Susan was also having a lot of problems at work with her boss and coworkers. Therefore, with all these burdens and situations going on within Susan’s life, she felt a sense of hopelessness and despair. Due to respecting Susan confidentiality, I didn’t go into details with my coworker concerning everything that was going on within Susan’s life. However, I did share with my coworker that it was imperative for her as a counselor to get help for her clients if they ever confess to her that they wanted to commit suicide, doing so could save a life.


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