Benefits of a Parenting License Thesis

Jessamine David


Ms. Tori Muir


Benefits of a Parenting License


There is a need for training and educating upcoming parents. Individuals planning on having children would be required to get a permit for most activities, especially those with great potential of being harmful to children (Zeanah & Humphreys, 2018).

The parenting license should be used in conjunction with other measures such as strict rules and parenting measures. The need to have parenting licenses is to reduce cases of child abuse, neglect, and endangerment (Barry & Leland, 2017).

The government believes that it is important to implement parenting licenses to ensure that children are brought up in a safe and loving environment free from endangerment, neglect, and abuse to ensure a mentally and physically healthy future population.

Benefits of Parenting License on Children’s Mental Health

Most of us are products of our childhood upbringing. Children raised by uptight and competent parents often end up well in society. However, this does not apply to children who were raised by emotionally and physically unavailable parents.

Children raised in abusive environments often grow up with trauma, resulting in most of them being harsh, toxic, or psychopaths. According to recent statistics, one in every seven children in the United States experiences child neglect and abuse (Barry & Leland, 2017).

Parental licensing would play an important role in ensuring that those who want to be foster parents have to meet specific social, economic, physical, emotional, and psychological standards. Parental licensing would also ensure that parents agree to discipline their children without causing psychological, emotional, and physical harm.

Children who grow up in families where they feel neglected or get abused physically or emotionally are often likely to suffer from psychological disorders. They may even end up not trusting people. They might have difficulty making and maintaining friendships.

Furthermore, the majority of children who end up being prosecuted in juvenile courts are often victims of bad parenting (Zeanah & Humphreys, 2018). Most juvenile victims either had abusive or non-present parents. Parents who are either harsh, drug addicts, or mentally and emotionally unstable often end up causing trauma to their children because they engage them in their broken personalities.

Parenting licensing would ensure that parents are emotionally and physically stable to ensure that children are brought up in stable environments.

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