BCJ2000 Columbia Southern Reducing Harassment of Genders Discussion



This is what was written and I have to answer to the 2 questions below:

Many programs could be beneficial to reducing harassment of genders, either male or female. The best method that could be used is encouraging the excellent conduct of all officers and setting up strict laws with dire consequences for sexual harassment. Male officers can also be harassed by female officers of a higher rank in the police department. They could then protect these occurrences by monitoring all moves and behavioral changes in the departments to ensure there is no harassment. A suitable reporting channel should also be provided to ensure that any victim of sexual harassment is able to report anonymously especially in situations where they are threatened by their aggressors.


thinking critically, this works both ways don’t you think? Female officers could in fact harass male officers as well? Thinking critically, how can situations like this be avoided?

Question #2:

Thank you for bringing women up as a minority group in law enforcement. As a nation, I do think we are doing better to represent women, but there are still areas where we aren’t treated the same. I don’t think people take female cops as seriously as male cops–even though they are just as competent. I think a program/training on ALL forms of harassment would be beneficial to police departments. But that would also include how women could be harassing men in the same exact field. Or possibly a mentor program for females in the work force to help them recognize these issues and when to report them? Even for something as small as someone belittling them because they are a female officer. Thoughts?

I Have To Respond To The Discussion Board Question Of My Classmate This Is What He Wrote:

I think that minority groups face a lot more issues today than we lead ourselves to believe. I feel like there is that lack or representation within law enforcement when it comes to this subject. With the way social media is set up, I feel like we only hear about the “bad white cops”. Theres no representation for cops of African American decent or Hispanic decent. Although, I think a lot of that plays into the communities negative thoughts on these other races. Our people don’t want to trust those minorities as much as the majority in a leadership position. It’s something that is unfair and something that I see often in other fields of work as well. I have seen it first hand with my husband who is African American where he is treated differently at work, especially when he is asking for leadership positions. I think that as a country that was built on diversity we need to be more openly accepting of diversity in the law enforcement fields and follow rules and regulations to make the work environment fair and level for everyone.

This Is What Was Written And I Have To Answer To The Question Below: (Unit VII BCJ 2001)

One of the advantages of community policing is the reduction of fear in the community as residents are confident of security. Secondly, community policing ensures the city is flexible to facilitate its adjustment as the community grows. It also allows the community residents to participate in making suitable suggestions involving their safety. The main disadvantage of community policing is community involvement whereby lack of cooperation with the police department leads to the failure of the entire strategy. Community policing programs comprise of an alcohol server training program that provides training to local liquor establishments, car seat installation clinics to instruct residents on the correct installation of child restraint system, female self-defense program to train members on the actions to take when harassed, and safety visitations for teaching children on safety. I believe that community policing should replace traditional methods of police work because the conventional method aims at responding to incidents swiftly and clear emergency calls which may cause unattended cases due to overwhelming tasks. Community policing, on the other hand, aims at establishing and ensuring safety which is more of an insurance to any crime risks in the future.


thinking critically, how overtime time should the police build this trust?

I Have To Answer To The Discussion Board Question For My Classmate He Wrote:

One of the positive effects of community policing is the reduction of violence in the community. Having officer in the community can play a role in reducing civil unrest including gang violence as well as reducing individual violence, domestic abuse and street crime. The relationships built between a community police officer and the area they are working in can build a level of trust and communication that goes both ways. Once this is established it becomes easier for the officer to get information about crimes and who the criminals are. It also helps the officer understand who in the community may need extra assistance per say getting out of an abusive relationship. A downside to community policing would be the costs involved having an officer work exclusively in a community. With limited funding available to the police departments it is difficult to justify having an officer only work with a small neighborhood when there is demand for officers to respond to other situations. I do not think that community policing should replace traditional methods of police work. However, I feel that inner city or large city populations should create a balance of community oriented officers as well as traditional officers. I believe there is value to having an officer embedded in areas for both work and home life. Officers do so much more then patrol and being available to a community is a big asset for the members of the area they are in.

I Have To Answer To This Discussion Board Question: (Unit VIII 2001)

Discuss how you can apply the concepts learned in this course to your current or future career. How might the lessons you have learned positively impact your career success?

I Have To Answer To Question Below This Is What Was Written (Unit VI 2000)

I agree that body-worn cameras are essential to ensuring that policing is done efficiently. The police are able to use the recorded occurrences to prove their cases as well as investigate particular crimes. The body cameras also put the police officers in check as they are required to uphold integrity and have discipline while carrying out their work. The awareness that the police are constantly being recorded makes them focus on doing their policing functions with diligence and within the confines of the law. Rogue police officers are controlled by the cameras as their negative behaviors are recorded and made available to their supervisory authority. Therefore, the body cameras could be credited for enhancing the policing activities hence becoming a benefit to the general public.


why not take advantage of technology and in time it will be refined. Do you think it would be better that in all circumstances regardless of any details, the Chief of Police or head of the agency should decide when to release the information? There is also a question as to whether the officer should be permitted to view the video before writing the report. What do you think?

This Was Written And I Have To Answer To The Question Below: (Unit VII 2000)

Community policing is a way of policing that primarily concentrates on strengthening ties and working with the members of a particular residence by the proactive partnership to identify and solve problems. In my opinion, community policing is a great achievement in the policing department, as it has helped the security department to ensure they concentrate on every community and attend to any issues that arise anytime. This has brought several benefits such as reducing violence, for example, armed robbery and homicides. Secondly, it has facilitated business growth in the communities due to enhanced security, which has created trust and confidence for citizens. The use of the 911 emergency call alert system has served the U.S citizens for 40 years and has saved many lives because police can respond quickly to crimes and help victims.


thinking critically, why has the community in general rejected the police efforts during the past 40 years?

This Was Written By A Classmate And I Have To Respond To It

In my opinion, community policing has been effective to reduce all crimes not just crimes as they relate to domestic terror threats. I have seen the effects of community policing first hand in neighborhoods that were crime ridden at one point. Police will effectively “swarm” the area for a community walk or some other kind of event and draw out the good in that area. This builds trust between the community and the police and in turn the community will be more willing to report crimes to the authorities. Eventually, the community will report all crimes, thus leading to the reduction of larger scale crimes.

I Have To Answer This Discussion Board Question: Unit VIII 2000

Discuss how you can apply the concepts learned in this course to your future career. How might the lessons you have learned positively affect your career success?

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