Assistance needed watching a movie/completing assignment for social work clinical assessment course

Calling all social work/psychology disciplines to assist on assignment. I have attached a treatment plan document and an example of Treatment Plan/ Goals & objectives for guidance only.

Assignment’s the tutor will turn during completion of assignment.

Part 1

1. Movie Clinical case study

Part 2

Written version of the initial clinical assessment, treatment plan, and safety plan. Please follow and include all requirements the instructions are asking for.

Instructions listed below

Part 1: Presentation– Students will be provided with a movie title to view on their own and develop a clinical case study. The student will present to the class a staffing of their case study with supporting evidence utilizing clips from the movie and will provide an overall diagnostic impression(s). (100 points) Movie Name: Born on 4th of July with Tom Cruise

Part 2: Clinical Write-Up- Based on the above case study (movie), students (individually) will provide a written version of the initial clinical assessment, treatment plan, and safety plan. The paper will include treatment recommendations about the types of interventions one would use to assist the identified client in the case study. Students will identify one evidence-based intervention used to treat their client’s condition as well as a complimentary or alternative approach to address the clients’ reported symptoms. The paper will also include information about how you would provide psycho-education about their diagnosis and treatment options during the second therapy session. Diagnosis should be identified by ICD 9 and 10 coding and DSM Diagnosis. (100 points)

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