assignment one quanatitive

Part 1:Make sure you have installed SPSS and are able to open it.Create a new data set by polling 5 other people and asking the following questions:RESPOND. What are the last four digits of your phone number?EXER1. Do you exercise regularly? (Yes or No)EXER2. How many hours a week would you say you exercise?EXER3. Do you participate in team sports? (Yes or No)EXER4. What is your favorite sport to play?The first step in creating your data set is to create the variables. Click on the “Variable View” tab on the bottom.The first column is where we will name our variables (‘Variable Name’).The second column (‘Type’) let’s SPSS know the format of the variable (e.g., number or string of text).The ‘Label’ column allows us to provide a longer description of the variable.The ‘Value Labels’ column tells SPSS what certain values mean (e.g., 0 = No, 1 = Yes).The ‘Measure’ column describes the scale of measurement for the variable.Create a new data set incorporating the following labels.  Click on the ‘Data View’ tab on the bottom and you will see your variable names now on the top of the spreadsheet.  You can now enter your responses and then save the data as “EXERCISE.SAV”. Be sure to save it to a location that you have access to.Note: The first variable is called “Respond” and asks for 4 digits of phone number. As such, the label should be changed to “Respondent Number” instead of “Respondent Name.”  Attach it so that your instructor can see the file.Part IIOpen the data STATES10.SAV that is found in the RSM600 Datasets folder (it generally works best to open from within SPSS; sometimes clicking on the file opens it with the wrong program). Review the data set in the Variable View Window and locate some variables that are of interest to you. Write down 6 variables of interest and attach it here.FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT YOU WILL BE ATTACHING TWO FILES (The data file and a document with your 6 variables of interest).

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